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30+ Years Landscape Design Experience


Carla's Landscape Design has 30+ years experience consulting with homeowners and business owners throughout the Northstate regarding their landscapes.

It may be a one hour meeting or planning full scale drawings ...    you may wonder what plant to put where or what is wrong with your pear tree ... most often you have a house with a back yard and do not know what to do with all that DIRT!


Carla's Landscape Design has the experience and creativity to help you with all the mud ... and more!


  • Water features

  • Xeriscape

  • Lawn removal

  • Lawn installation

  • Drought friendly plantings

  • Edible gardening

  • Creekbeds

  • Rock work

  • Low maintenance

  • Color year round

  • Drainage

  • Irrigation

  • Patios and decks

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