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Design Services


On-site professional consultation and construction for design and installation of your garden

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN - usually a drawing

showing ideas - may not be to scale.

Sometimes, this is all that is needed for the homeowner installing their own garden - 

just a little jump start!


Simple survey for a scale drawing showing hardscape, softscape (possible plant material). This plan allows for competitive

contractor bidding and installation in phases, 

ON-SITE LAYOUT of garden beds and

features with client. 

On-site plant layout is very cost effective,

saves time on planting plan and allows for

more personal and beautiful garden

Plant purchases from local nurseries







Costs - Design: Hourly rate is $125.00/hour


No charge for in-town travel; out-of-town travel costs are split 50:50.


This rate is for time spent on-site or drawing.


Costs - Construction: ​Time and materials


Services Include Installation of​:

  • Water features

  • Xeriscape

  • Lawn removal

  • Lawn installation

  • Drought friendly plantings

  • Edible gardening

  • Creekbeds

  • Rock work

  • Low maintenance

  • Color year round

  • Drainage

  • Irrigation

  • Patios and decks

Landscape Services



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